Unpolished White Bean Turtle Tank Pebbles

Unpolished White Pebbles – ½ inch Bean Turtle Tank Pebbles. 100% Natural Stone, Matte White Finish.

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  • BEAUTY AND QUALITY – These pure natural white bean pebbles are unpolished and have a chalky matte finish. They range between 3/8” – 5/8” inches, leaving you with the perfect mix of ½” inch pebbles in a variety of shapes and styles. The combination of style, color, and size will lend your project a pure and wondrous look. We use only the highest quality stones, and we never compromise on quality
  • VALUE PACK – These 10 lb. bags offer you the best value for your money, affording to you the opportunity of bulk pricing that doesn’t come with smaller packages, without the necessity to overstock and waste that comes with larger sets. With 10 pounds of quality pebbles, you can rest assured that you will not only have the quantity and quality you desire, but the best possible value as well
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE– Use these rocks for your potted plants, flower garden, aquarium, fairy garden, fish tank gravel, vase filler, flowerbeds, meditation gardens, terrarium, crafts, and all your landscaping and gardening needs. Great for both indoor and outdoor use