Calpalmy Turtle Tank Starter Kit

Turtle Tank Starter Kit with a See-Through, Easy Access Front Panel Door

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  • EASY-ACCESS SEE-THROUGH FRONT DOOR PANEL – As it is made of high-quality acrylic, the door offers glass-like hyper-clarity without the risk of breaking or shattering. These acrylic door panels aren’t just for show. It’s also very functional. The panel has built-in vent holes for proper air circulation and humidity control. And to avoid escapes, the panel also has 2 rotating locks that also serve as easy-access handles.
  • PORTABLE REPTILE HABITAT – Whether you are moving to another place or just want to take your pet on a long trip/vacation, the CalPalmy Reptile and Amphibian Habitat will be perfect for you. Lightweight and easy to carry, this tank can go wherever you want and need it to be. The secure-lock front door panel just takes this portability to another level.
  • LIGHT AND FILTER-READY TURTLE HABITAT – You won’t need further modifications for this tank. It has a large movable meshed top for a UVA and UVB lamp and other tank accessories. The tank’s height and width also makes plenty of room for an in-tank low level waterfall filter. Worried on how to clean the tank’s water? There is a convenient rubber plug on the floor for convenient draining.