Buyounger Turtle Tank Adjustable Heating Lamp

Buyounger Turtle Tank Heating Lamp with Adjustable 360° Rotatable Lamp

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  • Allow Pets To Bask Indoor, Feel Good And Healthy- The reptile heat lamp improves the reflector and enhances the UVA and UVB spectrum, which is similar to direct sunlight and exposes more natural environments. The UV-A lamp is for its metabolism, mood regulation and reproduction. The UV-B rays can help its bones and other organs. Which effectively improve pet’s appetite, help digest food and promote balanced growth of nutrients. The sun lamp is very suitable for most reptiles.
  • The Upgrade Base, 360° Arbitrarily Adjustable Arm, Away From Loosening Clips – The light clip is suitable for the thickness of water tank less than 22mm, it can be adjusted to suitable for most aquariums. With the square clip design, you never need to worry about falling off like other clips. The improving material can increase the strength of the clip and prevent the clamp lamp from loosening. The 360-degree rotatable arm makes installation and orientation adjustment more convenient.
  • 2PCS 25W UV Bulbs, Lampshades Made Of High-Grade Ceramics, Never Worry About Explosions And Animal Injuries – 25W reptile heat lamp adopts advanced ceramic materials and electroplating process to ensure oxidation resistance and explosion-proof. And use vacuum glass tube to extend bulb life. Reject poor quality, stay away from danger, and no longer be afraid of the threats to animals caused by lamp explosions.