Brewing Adhesive Aquarium Thermometer Strip

Brewing Aquarium Thermometer Strip

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  • Dual Temps Display & Larger Fahrenheit Number – Consider the temperature reading habits of different groups of people, these thermometer stickers are deigned with Fahrenheit and Celsius numbers, and Fahrenheit numbers are larger than Celsius numbers to adapt to the most local people reading habits. The numbers color is crystal white which is not dim, more noticeable and visible to check the temperature than black numbers of other brands.
  • Used Externally & Keep Water Friends Safe – These temperature sticker is sticked on the outside of fish tank/aquarium directly. Compared to the themometers that you have to put in the tank, this external use characteristic keeps water friends from accessing & messing with themometer sticker, which guarantees water friends won’t be bothered and prevents damage to the thermometer sticker caused by the large water friends’ collisions.
  • Enough and to Spare & Portable – These temperature stickers are a low cost but quantity is enough, the extra can be your reserve ones. Good stickiness guarantees that they will not keep peeling off like other brands’ temperature sticker. Small profile and easy to use, remove white protective film and stick this sticker onto the the outside of jar/bottle/tank, then you can be able to see the temp at a glance with these basic thermometer strips, work great for constant general temp monitoring!