Are you looking to have your very own pet turtle?What Do Turtles Eat

Or maybe you already have one and want to know how to care for it?

What Do Turtles Eat is a passion filled blog for me. I have had pet turtles for a number of years and I wanted to share with everyone what they are, the types of turtles, how to care for turtles properly and hopefully to make others as passionate about turtles as I am.

And it is not all about keeping pet turtles.

There are so many different types of turtles on our beautiful planet, and the best way that we can help to protect them is to have more knowledge around them.

That is why I love writing blog posts about different types of turtles, how we can care for them, how they are affected by humans and what we can all do to help.

If you love turtles then my hope is that this blog will give you the knowledge and confidence to protect our turtle friends around the world.

My love for turtles started when I was a little girl and my parents brought home some turtles as pets. We had all kinds of interesting pets as children. From turtles, to chickens, crayfish, bearded dragons and much more.

This is what started my love for reptiles, including turtles.

Now, as an adult, I understand the vast impact that we have on the lives of reptiles. So, from the information on this blog maybe I can help out a few turtles and give them a better life.

If you have any information about turtles that you would like to share, please send me an email here.

I am always happy to learn new things about turtles. And if you would like to write an article for the blog, please get in touch. All visitor posts are welcome, as long as they about turtles, tortoises and are factual.

Plus, if you have had an amazing experience including turtles, please let me know. Whether it is swimming with turtles, helping turtle hatchling make it to the shore or anything else. I would love to post some of your photos and share your story with this community.

Please enjoy my blog and share your new turtle knowledge with you friends.

Ava Johnson.