What Do Turtles Eat

What Do Turtles Eat?

People who keep turtles as pets often struggle to know exactly what they should be feeding their pet andhow much. After all, it’s a confusing topic! In general, your pet turtle should eat about half (50%) meat and the other

What DO Turtles Eats Turtle Food

Turtle Food

Learn About Turtle Food Turtles eat all types of different foods, but what would we call turtle food? In general, a turtle should eat about half plant matter and half meat. In the wild, a turtle’s diet will often depend

What Do Turtles Eat Types Of Turtles

Types of Turtles

Learn about different types of turtles & how to care for them Turtles are a type of reptile. There are many, many different types of turtles. In the simplest terms, turtles can be broken up into 3 main sections: Turtles, Tortoises and

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Learn About Turtles

There are many different types of turtle species. The name "turtle" was originally derived from the French word "tortue". While in the US, the name turtle is commonly used for all chelonians. Chelonians are animals with "shields" on their backs and include the turtle, tortoise and terrapin. Different types of turtles live in fresh water and sea water.

Turtles hatch from small, leathery shells but can, throughout their life-cycle grow to an enormous 6.6ft, 2,000lb animal! If you ask the question - what do turtles eat? - you'll soon find out that it varies a lot! What turtles eat largely depends on the turtle's habitat.

Adult turtles in the wild will often eat sea-plants, insects, snails and worms. Some freshwater turtles eat small fish and lots of other water-based life forms. Baby turtles are entirely carnivorous as the need protein in order to grow.

Many turtle experts will attest that turtle diets vary greatly, even if their habitats are the same. So if you ask "what do turtles eat" you may get a different answer depending on which turtle you are talking about.

Some sea turtles for example, will eat jellyfish, sea-sponge and even shell fish! Others though are purely vegetarian and eat mostly algae.

Why Keep Pet Turtles?

While I have had almost every kind of pet imaginable, from fish, to chickens, crayfish, bearded dragons and much more, I love turtles the most.

Be sure to check out the website for all kinds of facts, hints, tips and my personal recommendations on all thing turtles, tortoises and terrapins.

Pet Turtle Care Guides And Information

People who keep turtles as pets often struggle to know exactly what they should be feeding their pet and how much. After all, it's a confusing topic! In general, your pet turtle should eat about half (50%) meat and the other half plant-based foods.

Pet Turtles Can Be Lots Of Fun

You can have lots of fun with a pet turtle. Of course as the owner of such a wonderful animal, you will be the one to choose a name for your turtle (or turtles), hand-feed your turtle, touch your turtle, let your turtle explore it's surroundings and so on.

Turtles are living creatures like any other and showing them care and affection can create a bond like no other.

You can definitely have a great time feeding a pet turtle by hand. You can even call them by name and talk to them to let them know you care for them and let them know when it's meal time.

Caring For Turtles At Home

Turtles (just like any other animal) need lots of loving care at home. If you want your pet turtle to be happy and healthy (who doesn't!?) then make sure you give them a life similar to what they would experience in the wild - but without the dangers!

This means making sure your turtle gets plenty of exercise, interesting things to do/play with, exciting and different types of foods and also lots of cuddles!

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